Saltburn Miniature Railway

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Saltburn Miniature Railway
Saltburn Miniature Railway Logo.png
Line length12 mile (0.8 km)
Track gauge15 in (381 mm)
Saltburn Miniature Railway
Cat Nab Station
Engine and carriage shed
Forest Halt
Engine shed on the Saltburn Miniature Railway

The Saltburn Miniature Railway is a 15 in (381 mm) gauge railway at Saltburn, in Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire, England.


The railway opened in 1947[1] as a tourist attraction. It was originally a simple out-and-back line with a station at each end. During 1953 the line was adapted to allow the simultaneous operation of two trains, though without the provision of a passing loop. Instead, a single siding was provided into which one train had to reverse to allow the other to pass by.

During the 1980s the operation of the railway was taken over by an Association of supporters, all of whom are volunteers. A decision was made to extend the railway, relocate one terminus completely, and provide new sidings and engine sheds. This major project, known on the railway as 'The Big Transformation' took place between September 2000 and April 2003.[2]


The line runs north from Cat Nab Station (by the beach) for about 12 mile (0.8 km) inland to Forest Halt, where there is a woodland walk and gardens.[3] There is a run around loop at each end of the line[3][4] and an engine and rolling stock depot near the midpoint.[5]


Prince Charles was the only serviceable mainline locomotive on the railway, and had been the principal engine continuously since 1953.[6] However, the new operators have provided a lightweight engine for works trains, and have also obtained a new mainline engine, "Saltburn 150", bought from CCLR as derelict has been rebuilt by SMRA and is now in service. A part built steam engine a 4-4-2 Atlantic type has been purchased and rebuilt by SMRA and is now in service as "Blacklock R" .

Locomotive Name
or Number
Locomotive Type Year of Building Year of Arrival
at Saltburn
Builder In service? Notes
Former Locomotives[7]
No 7 2-4-0 Petrol circa 1930 1947 Parkinson No - withdrawn 1948 Steam outline. Operated the first season, but only that season.
but renamed Elizabeth
4-4-4 T Diesel 1909 1948 Bassett Lowke No - withdrawn c 1960 Steam outline. Previously operated at Blakesley Hall Railway. Now restored to original condition and has revisited the SMR.
Current Locomotives
Prince Charles 4-6-2 DE 1953 1953 H N Barlow Yes Steam outline (streamlined), painted apple green, principle engine.
George Outhwaite 0-4-0 T DH 1994 1994 SMR Assoc Yes Steam outline, painted red, shunting & works engine. Occasionally used on passenger services.
Saltburn 150 4-6-2 DH 1972 2006 Artisair, rebuilt SMRA 2011 Yes Steam outline, painted blue.
Blacklock R 4-4-2
1992 2013 Rebuilt by SMRA 2015 Yes Live steam, painted black and red.

Other rolling stock[edit]

The passengers carried in the first season (1947) were obliged to sit in freight wagons - scale model 7-plank open wagons, with crude cross-bar seats fitted. However, for the 1948 season the railway acquired two bogie passenger coaches with reversible seats whose backs could be tipped to allow the passenger to face the direction of travel. In 1953 the railway took delivery of four new passenger coaches, each seating 16 passengers (in 4 compartments of 4 seats each); at a subsequent, but unknown, date the two earlier coaches were withdrawn. When the current operators took over the line they made temporary use of the last two serviceable coaches of 1953 vintage, though these have since been withdrawn. There are now four passenger coaches, all of modern build and metal construction. Three are enclosed, and one is open. Three of these coaches have exterior platforms for a guard or guards to travel upon.[8]

The 1948 coaches operated with a replica brake van, since withdrawn. Today the railway has three works wagons - a general works truck, a tanker truck, and an air compressor wagon.


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