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Saltchuk is a family of transportation and distribution companies headquartered in Seattle, WA, US. As of June 2017, Puget Sound Business Journal listed it as the largest family owned business in Washington state, with 2016 revenues of $2.65 billion, employment of 919 in Washington and an additional 4,761 employees elsewhere in the world.[1]

Throughout North America, Saltchuk companies provide air cargo, marine services, energy distribution, domestic shipping, international shipping, and logistics.

Lines of business[edit]

Saltchuk is organized in six lines of business that are responsible for the operation and growth of a related portfolio of businesses:

  • Foss
  • Hyak Supply Chain
  • Northern Aviation Services
  • NorthStar Energy
  • TOTE
  • Tropical

Regions served[edit]

Saltchuk stated goal is "building the best family of transportation and distribution companies in North America." Saltchuk companies specialize in serving non-contiguous regions of the country by having operational density in key US Markets, in particular Alaska, Washington, Hawaii and Florida/Caribbean markets.


Across Alaska, Saltchuk companies provide fuel and cargo transportation. Saltchuk collectively is one of the state's largest private employers with more than 1,000 employees.

Florida and the Caribbean[edit]

Saltchuk's operations in Florida and the Caribbean include service to 28 ports, including service from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico and scheduled and on-demand air cargo service throughout the Caribbean. Saltchuk companies employ more than 1,900 in the region.

  • Shoreside Logistics
  • StratAir
  • TOTE Maritime (formerly Sea Star Lines)
  • Tropical Shipping


Saltchuk acquired Young Brothers in 1999 and The Haynes Companies (Hawaii Petroleum companies) in 2006, expanding into energy distribution on Maui and the Big Island.[2] In 2008, almost entirely due to the personal efforts of Senator Daniel Inouye, Saltchuk took over Aloha Airlines's cargo division after the airline went into bankruptcy.

El Faro sinking[edit]

On October 1, 2015, a ship, El Faro, that belonged to a Saltchuk subsidiary, sank during Hurricane Joaquin, losing all personnel.[3]


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