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A recently built 25-floor building on the Saltivka sands.

Saltivka or the Saltivka Massyv (Ukrainian: Салтiвка; Russian: Салтовка) is large residential area located in the northeastern region of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.

Limited to the flood plain north of Kharkiv River in east regional road sovkhoz Ukrainka and Kulynychi village, from the south ravine River Nemyshlya, from the west - streets Marshal Batytsky and Yakir street and to the market at Kharkiv Metro station Akademika Barabashova. County so named because of road runs from the centre of the city of Kharkiv Old Saltiv - Saltiv highway. Prior to the 1960s years Saltivka was called - Saltivsky village. And had a few small scattered areas in three-storied buildings (Tyurynka, Old Saltivka, Shevchenko town, Kirov's village)

In spite of the relevance to Saltivka as a kind of deprived living area with outdated and dilapidated housing, more than a third of Kharkiv's total population resides within its boundaries.

Saltivka was conceived from the start as a purely residential neighborhood according to the Soviet concept of allocating the so-called sleeping districts in large industrial cities. According to various estimates, from around 400-800,000 inhabitants lived in Saltivka, making it one of the largest residential areas in Ukraine. Saltivka has almost no industrial compounds, but there are many shops and markets for residents. The neighbourhood includes one of the largest warehouse markets in Ukraine near the subway station named after Academician Barabashov. The Barabashov marketplace, according to some sources, is the largest in Europe.[citation needed]

Residential development was produced by the Institute Hiprobud in the 1963. Saltivka's panel residential buildings are typically in the form of 9, 12 and 16 floors, and rarely, 5-floor buildings. Separate high-rise buildings were constructed from 1967 and construction on the bulk of the buildings in Saltiva began in the 1970s. The most recent constructions (in 1984-1993), built up areas of northern Saltivka streets and the Krasnodar Street.


  • Zhuravlevsky Hydropark, a place of rest.
  • Victory Park - founded in honor of 40 anniversary Victory Day in 1985 from.
  • Cinemas «Kronverk», «Kinoland», «Poznan»
  • Monuments - Hero of the Soviet Union Shironin at the guardsmen and-shironyntsi (the intersection of Avenue "50 of years VLKSM" and street "guards Shironyntsi"), Lomonosov Monument (Prospect Traktorobudivnyky).
  • Sports: home field of American football team "Texas"
  • Exhibition Center «Radmir», near metro station «Akademika Pavlova».

From the city centre Saltivka links the Kharkiv Metro Saltiv Line from station Heroiv Truda and station Istorychniy Muzei. In all, four subway stations serve the Saltivka neighborhood, and depot Saltivska. The Saltiv tram depot is also located in the area, on Leo Tolstoy street. The tram was once the largest in the former Soviet Union with an area of His area of 20.8 hectares.

The construction of the subway station named after academician Barabashova is planned with three stations in the district. There are also many trolleys, bus, marshrutka (mini bus) stations and lines that serve the area.

Coordinates: 50°01′N 36°21′E / 50.017°N 36.350°E / 50.017; 36.350