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Coat of arms of the Saltonstall family

The Saltonstall family is a Boston Brahmin family from the U.S. state of Massachusetts, notable for having had a family member attend Harvard University from every generation since Nathaniel Saltonstall—later one of the more principled judges at the Salem Witch Trials—graduated in 1659. The family originated in Yorkshire, England, where the name was sometimes spelled Saltingstall. The name originates from the hamlet of Saltonstall in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The meaning is derived from Sal-ton-stall in Old English, the translation being "Farm in the Willows". Notable members of the family include:

In Harvard University's Leverett House Library, there exists a commemorative wooden plaque dedicating the reading room of the library to "ten generations of Saltonstalls, who have matriculated at Harvard 1642–1959."

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