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Marine fish are fish that live in seawater.


There are many different components that make up a marine life habitat. Some components are the temperature of the water, the quality, and quantity of water (flow and depth). There are other physical features that contribute to a habitat which are physical materials like rocks, reefs, and sand or the vegetation like the amount of algae, water plants, and saltmarsh. Specific fish live in specific habitats based on what they eat or what cycle of life they are currently at, another thing is the amount of salt that is in the water at that specific location. Another thing is that some ocean habitats aren't technically in the ocean and these are called estuaries which are areas when oceans and rivers meet creating a mixture of salt water and freshwater making a different habitat for different types of fish and creatures to live in. [1] [2]

Categorisation of saltwater fish by habitats[edit]


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