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Salty dog (cocktail)

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Salty dog
Base spirit
Standard garnishSalted glass
Standard drinkware
Highball glass
Commonly used ingredients
PreparationShake spirit and grapefruit juice in cocktail shaker. Strain into a salt-rimmed highball glass.

A salty dog is a cocktail of gin and grapefruit juice, served in a highball glass with a salted rim. The salt is the only difference between a salty dog and a greyhound. Historically a gin drink, it is believed to date back to the 1920s.[1]

The drink is 2 fluid ounces of gin mixed with fresh grapefruit juice, shaken, and poured into a glass whose rim has been salted.[2]


The salty dog is a favorite drink of Artie (the producer played by Rip Torn) on the sitcom The Larry Sanders Show.[3][4] Artie made it with vodka

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