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Restaurant information
Current owner(s) Gina Batali
Street address 309 Third Ave South
City Seattle
State Washington
Postal/ZIP code 98104
Country US
Coordinates 47°35′59″N 122°19′50″W / 47.599743°N 122.330522°W / 47.599743; -122.330522
Armandino Batali
Waiting to order at narrow serving line

Salumi is a salumeria and restaurant in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of downtown Seattle, Washington.[1]

Salumi was founded by Armandino Batali, the father of New York chef Mario Batali, and is now run as a family business with his wife, daughter, and son-in-law owning and operating.[2]

In the episode "Pacific Northwest" of the show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel, chef and host Anthony Bourdain visited and dined in Salumi. In the segment, Bourdain participated in the process of curing meat and showed Armandino's sister making gnocchi in the front window. The show also mentioned and displayed the frequent long line in this restaurant.[3]

Salumi was also featured on Travel Channel's Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America. Adam Richman met with Gina Batali, Mario's sister, and sampled the Oxtail sandwich, which is only featured at the restaurant a few times a year.[4]

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Coordinates: 47°35′59″N 122°19′50″W / 47.59972°N 122.33056°W / 47.59972; -122.33056