Salut les copains

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Salut les copains - French for hello mates or hi buddies - may refer to:

  • Salut les copains (radio program), a French radio variety program on Europe 1
    • Yé-yé, a French style of music based on music broadcast by radio program Salut les copains
  • Salut les copains (magazine), a French music publication (later renamed Salut!)
  • Salut les copains (musical), a French musical based on the songs of the period
  • Salut les copains (album series), series of compilation albums from the hits on Salut les copains radio program and the print magazine
  • "Salut les copains", 1957 song by French singer Gilbert Bécaud
  • Salut les copains, 1961 album by French singer Johnny Hallyday
  • "Salut les copains", 1981 song by French band La Souris Déglinguée
  • Salut les copains, 2012 French musical comedy based on the style of music in the 1960s and 1970s in France
  • Salut les copain - Best of, 2013 compilation album