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Salvador Ibáñez (1854–1920) was a Spanish luthier. He made guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and other stringed instruments. These instruments were prized for their excellent quality and impeccable workmanship.

Life and career[edit]

At eleven years of age Ibáñez became an apprentice in guitar construction at Calle Muela, Valencia.

In 1870 he was registered as a guitar maker at Calle Cubells. Also working in the shop were ten-year-old José Ibáñez and Magdalena Albiñana y Magraner from Ollería, Valencia. In 1888 he first appeared in the trade guides at Calle Jordana and shortly after that at Calle Ruzafa; from 1896 to 1927 his shop was located at Calle Bajada de San Francisco. He made bandurrias, lutes, six and twelve-string guitars, and also guitars with detachable necks. In 1897 he made the world's first double-necked guitar. In the period 1915-1920 Salvador Ibáñez e Hijos (Salvador Ibáñez and Sons) was located at Calle Bajada de San Francisco and at Calle Padre Rico Valencia.

When he died in 1920[1] his workshop continued to be managed by his two sons until it was sold in 1933 to Telesforo Julve. Julve bought the Salvador Ibáñez name, personnel and machinery and incorporated it in its own enterprise. In 1944 Julve was still using Salvador Ibáñez e Hijos labels.

Ibáñez or Ibanez as a brand[edit]

In Japan, just before or just after the Second World War, Hoshino Gakki begins production of its own acoustic guitars for the Japanese market. It did not have a business relationship with Ibáñez nor Julve from Valencia. Before World War II, there were 4 importers/distributors in Japan for the Ibáñez guitars of which Yamaha is the most known. Hoshino Gakki marketed their acoustic guitars first under the brand name "Ibanez Salvador" and later simply as "Ibanez". Ibanez guitars obtained great success in the 1970s and 1980s

Hoshino Gakki currently produces both acoustic and electric guitars using the Ibanez brand name, but is mostly oriented to producing electric guitars.

Original Ibáñez players[edit]

Julian Bream has played a Salvador Ibáñez guitar. Eric Clapton has owned several original Salvador Ibáñez guitars, one of which was sold at a benefit auction in 1999 obtaining a final price of US$42,000.



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