Salvador Reyes Figueroa

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Salvador Reyes Figueroa
Salvador reyes.jpg
Born August 16, 1899.
Copiapó, Chile
Died February 27, 1970
Santiago, Chile
Occupation Writer, poet, essayist
Literary movement Imaginism

Salvador Reyes Figueroa was a Chilean writer who won the National Literature Prize 1967.


He was born in Copiapó to Arturo Reyes and Luisa Figueroa on August 16, 1899. His first studies are at the Instituto Comercial de Antofagasta (Antofagasta Commercial College).[1]

He travelled by the North of his country, then lived in Valparaíso. By the end of 1920, he migrated to Santiago, where he immediately started working as a successful journalist. He wrote for Zig-Zag, Las Últimas Noticias, and Hoy under the nickname "Simbad".[1]

In 1928 he co-founded the magazine Letras along with Ángel Cruchaga Santa María, Manuel Eduardo Hübner, Luis Enrique Délano and Hernán del Solar. According to some researches, this publication would gather the best writers of its time together.[2]

In 1939, President Pedro Aguirre Cerda anointed him as consul in Paris. Eventually he also had high diplomatic positions in Barcelona, London, Rome, Haiti[3] and Athens.[1]

Reyes was member of the Chilean Academy of Language between 1960 and 1970.[4]

He obtained the National Literature Prize in 1967. He died in Santiago, on February 27, 1970.[1] His ashes were cast to the sea in front of Antofagasta.[3]

Postmortem recognition[edit]

Between 1990 and 1999, his collection was displayed in the Wulff Castle, in Viña del Mar.


The following is a list of his works in their original title (in Spanish), kind and year of publication.

  • Barco ebrio, Poetry, 1923.
  • El último pirata, Stories, 1925.
  • El matador de tiburones, Novel, 1926.
  • El café del puerto, Novel, 1927.
  • Los tripulantes de la noche, Tales, 1929.
  • Las mareas del sur, Poetry, 1930.
  • Lo que el tiempo deja, Tales, 1932.
  • Tres novelas de la costa, Novel, 1934.
  • Ruta de sangre, Novel, 1935.
  • Piel nocturna, Novel, 1936.
  • Norte y sur, Short Novels, 1947.
  • Mónica Sanders, Novel, 1951.
  • Valparaíso, puerto de nostalgias, Novel, 1955.
  • El continente de los hombres solos, Chronicles, 1956.
  • Rostros sin máscaras, Interviews, 1957.
  • Los amantes desunidos, Novel, 1959.
  • Los defraudados, Tales, 1963.
  • El incendio del astillero, Tales, 1964.
  • Andanzas por el desierto de Atacama, Chronicles, 1966.
  • Fuego en la frontera, Essay, 1968.
  • La redención de las sirenas, Theater, 1968.
  • Crónicas de Oriente, Chronicles, 1973.[1]


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