Salvadoran legislative election, 1972

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Legislative elections were held in El Salvador on 12 March 1972.[1] The result was a victory for the National Conciliation Party, which won 39 of the 52 seats. However, the election was marred by massive fraud and the Central Election Council disquaified the candidates of the opposition National Opposing Union (an alliance of the Christian Democratic Party, the National Revolutionary Movement and the Nationalist Democratic Union) in five out of fourteen constituencies.[2] Voter turnout was 56.7%.[2]


Party Votes % Seats +/-
National Conciliation Party 353,775 67.4 39 +5
National Opposing Union 119,194 22.7 8 -9
Salvadoran Popular Party 31,790 6.1 4 +3
United Independent Democratic Front 20,194 3.8 1 New
Invalid/blank votes 109,698 - - -
Total 634,651 100 52 0
Source: Nohlen


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