Salvatore Bellomo

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Salvatore Bellomo
Born (1951-06-18) June 18, 1951 (age 66)
Hornu, Belgium
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Salvatore Martino
Salvatore Bellomo
Crazy Bellomo
Centurian Marsella
Jason Martino
The Italian Stallion
Adonis Romano
Wildman Bellomo
Super Destroyer #3[1]
Billed height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Billed weight 240 lb (110 kg)
Billed from Racalmuto, Sicily, Italy
Debut 1974
Retired November 25, 2006

Salvatore Bellomo (born June 18, 1951) is a retired Belgian-Italian professional wrestler with a career spanning more than three decades.


Working in North America under various ring names of Italian derivation, Bellomo started out portraying a mild-mannered, clean-cut fan favorite with respectable technical wrestling skill. In later years, Bellomo would portray a wildman in the ring, thought to be unpredictable and/or brutal by wrestling audiences. The list of titles he has held over the years is almost as colorful and includes everything from the NWA Canadian Tag Team Championship to the WXW Heavyweight Championship.

World Wrestling Federation (1983–1987)[edit]

Bellomo's solid in-ring work eventually landed him a stint in the growing pro-wrestling empire of Vince McMahon. At first, his record was actually quite favorable - particularly in Pennsylvania throughout 1983 and 1984, where the then-World Wrestling Federation put him over the likes of Johnny Rodz, Tony Colon and Butcher Vachon on a regular basis. Bellomo also wrestled former heavyweight champion Bob Backlund at the Philadelphia Spectrum on August 4, 1984, jobbing for Backlund in what would be Backlund's last WWF match of the decade.

From this point on, Bellomo was most recognizable as a jobber on WWF programs throughout the mid 1980s. He even lost cleanly to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan in a match at Madison Square Garden in November 1984. Being the fall guy was not necessarily as ignominious as it sounded, as Bellomo as a babyface got to work with a veritable who's-who of professional wrestling in some of the biggest venues to hold wrestling around the world. During one Piper's Pit segment, Bellomo made an "unscheduled" appearance, inspiring host Rowdy Roddy Piper to quip, "What are you doing here? I didn't order a pizza."

Eastern Championship Wrestling (1993–1994)[edit]

Bellomo was an early performer for NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1993, wrestling in the first-ever ECW Championship match (losing to Jimmy Snuka). His final matches came at the May 13, 1994 TV tapings, winning over Don E. Allen (air-date May 31) and Billy Firehawk (air-date June 7).

Later life[edit]

Although retiring at BWS: Collision Detected on November 25, 2006, Bellomo continues to be active in the business up to the present day, working as a trainer for the Belgian Wrestling School located in Terhagen and Flémalle (Belgium). He often tries to send his kids home with his trademarked expression of saying "Cha Cha!".

In wrestling[edit]


  • WWF All-Star Wrestling 2/4/84-Salvatore Bellomo def. Israel Matia
  • WWF All-Star Wrestling 2/25/84-Salvatore Bellomo def. Goldie Rodgers

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


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