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The Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award is an international composers' competition held annually in memory of Salvatore Martirano (1927-1995),[1] who was an internationally acclaimed American composer and served as professor of composition at the University of Illinois from 1963 to 1995.[2] The first place prize consists of US$1,000 and a performance by the Illinois Modern Ensemble at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.


Year First Prize Second Prize Other Honors
1997 Jason Eckardt: Echoes' White Veil
1998 Karim Al-Zand: String Quartet
1999 Keith Moore: A Vagrant on Every Floor
Craig Walsh: 0 to 33 in 1045.5
2000 Sophia Serghi: Sizzle
2001 Orlando Jacinto Garcia: Paisaje del Sonido II
2002 Yumiko Juvigny: Out of Dark Lair
2003 Edward Top: String Quartet
2004 Robert Yamasato: Scherzo
2005 Steven Rice: Murmurs from Limbo
2006 Douglas Boyce: 102nd & Amsterdam Jorge García del Valle Méndez: Seok Yang Jong[3] Calogero Panvino: Sonata 101 (Honorable Mention)
Nicholas Paul Vines: Dolmen for a New Albion (Honorable Mention)
2007 Takeo Hoshiya: Instability Principle So Jeong Ahn: Ssa-reng, ui... Christopher Arrell: Argot (Honorable Mention)
2008 Abel Paúl: fragmentos del vértigo Sungji Hong: Shades of Raindrops Carl Bettendorf: Inner Life (Third Prize)
2009 Michael Klingbeil: Tear of the Clouds Vladimir Rannev: Variations on an Impulse Christopher Bailey: Walking down the Hillside... (Honorable Mention)
Geoff Knorr: Of Consonance and Contention (Honorable Mention)
2011 Louis Aguirre: Ochosi for string quartet Marcin Stanczyk: Nibiru Julien-Robert Legault Salvail: Chute libre (Third Prize)
2012 Michael Seltenreich: Sparks and Flares Stephen Yip: Dark Side of the Shadow
2013 Luís Antunes Pena: Im Rauschen Rot for double bass,
percussion quartet, and electronics
Daniel Moreira: The King from Papatua Alexander Khubeev: Sounds from the Dark Time (Third Prize)
2014 Nina C. Young: Traced Upon Cinders for 13 musicians Aurélio Edler-Copes: Encore Seule David Coll: Act (Third Prize)
2015 Matthew Ricketts: Flat Line for 15 players Anthony Vine: For Agnes Martin


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