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The term Salvatorians refers to members of the Society of the Divine Savior, a Roman Catholic religious institute of priests, deacons, brothers, and clerics serving in nearly 40 countries throughout world.[1]

The "Salvatorian Family" also includes the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour and the Lay Salvatorians (the International Community of the Divine Savior). The Society was founded by Venerable Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan in Rome on December 8, 1881. Salvatorians use the post-nominal letters "S.D.S.".

The Generalate of the community is in Rome, in Via della Conciliazione, in Palazzo Cesi-Armellini. The current Superior General of the Salvatorians is Reverend Milton Zonta, S.D.S..

Spirituality and Mission[edit]

In keeping with the spiritual vision of Father Francis Jordan, the Salvatorians are prepared to serve in any place, spreading the Gospel "by all ways and means." Their work is not limited to one particular activity, but members serve as pastors, catechists and teachers, home and foreign missionaries, authors, musicians, counselors, spiritual directors, and many other areas of ministry. Ultimately, their goal is to proclaim salvation to all people, that all may know "the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent" (John 17:3).[2]

Salvatorian priests and brothers have been serving in the United States since 1892 and can be found providing a variety of ministries in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin; the United States Province is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[3]


Sofia is an acronym for the Salvatorian Office for International Aid which works alongside the Salvatorians in order to increase the impact and sustainability of the community's projects.

Established in 2008, SOFIA supports Salvatorian initiatives in health, education, rural development, and pastoral formation.[4]

Important Salvatorians[edit]

• Blessed Mary of the Apostles, foundress of the Sisters of the Divine Savior

• Otto Hopfenmüller (d. 1890), Salvatorian missionary to India.[5]

• Bernhard (Bonaventure) Lüthen (d. 1911), early Salvatorian and collaborator of Father Jordan.[6]

• Gertrude Ludwig and Agnieszka Falkus, Salvatorian Sisters killed by the Nazis on January 22, 1945, "in defense of chastity"[7]

• Pancratrius (Markus) Pfeiffer (d. 1945), second Superior General of the Society and honored as the "Angel of Rome" because of his courageous acts of charity during World War II.[8]

• Heribert Aloysius Theodor Winkler (d. 1967), first superior of the Apostolic Prefecture of Shaowu, China

• Bonaventura Josef Schweizer (d. 1968), fifth Superior General of the Society and "Council Father" of the first, second, and third sessions of the Second Vatican Council

• Maurinus Rast (d. 1969), sixth Superior General of the Society and "Council Father" of the fourth session of the Second Vatican Council

• Afonso de Oliveira Lima (d. 1994), first bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brejo, Brazil

• Arnold Ralph Cotey (d. 1998), American missionary and first bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lindi, Tanzania

• Bishop Charles Mahuza Yava (b. 1960), first Apostolic Vicar of the Apostolic Vicariate of the Comoros Archipelago

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