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Salvinorins are a group of natural chemical compounds and their structural analogs. Several salvinorins have been isolated from Salvia divinorum. They are classified as diterpenoid furanolactones. Salvinorin A is a hallucinogen with dissociative effects.

Several salvinorins have been isolated and characterized.

Natural salvinorins
Name Structure R1 R2 Chemical formula Molar mass CAS number PubChem
Salvinorin A
Salvinorin AB.svg
–OCOCH3 C23H28O8 432.46 g·mol−1 83729-01-5 CID 128563 from PubChem
Salvinorin B –OH C21H26O7 390.43 g·mol−1 92545-30-7 CID 11440685 from PubChem
Salvinorin C
Salvinorin CDEFGH.svg
–OCOCH3 –OCOCH3 C25H30O9 475.29 g·mol−1 385785-99-9
Salvinorin D –OCOCH3 –OH C23H28O8 432.47 g·mol−1 540770-13-6
Salvinorin E –OH –OCOCH3 C23H28O8 432.47 g·mol−1 540770-14-7
Salvinorin F –OH –H C21H26O6 374.43 g·mol−1 540770-15-8
Salvinorin G =O –OCOCH3 C23H26O8 430.45 g·mol−1 866622-54-0
Salvinorin H –OH –OH C21H26O7 390.43 g·mol−1 872004-62-1
Salvinorin I
Salvinorin I.svg
C21H28O7 392.45 g·mol−1 917951-71-4
17α-Salvinorin J 17alpha-Salvinorin J.svg C23H30O8 434.49 g·mol−1 1157894-83-1
17β-Salvinorin J 17beta-Salvinorin J.svg C23H30O8 434.49 g·mol−1 1157894-85-3


Because of their biological activities, synthetic and semi-synthetic analogs have been prepared for study. Semi-synthetic analogs include salvinorin B ethoxymethyl ether and salvinorin B methoxymethyl ether. Fully synthetic analogs include herkinorin.