Salwa, Kuwait

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Salwa is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°18′N 48°5′E / 29.300°N 48.083°E / 29.300; 48.083
Country  Kuwait
Governorate Hawalli Governorate
 • Total 36,108
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

Salwa (Arabic: سلوى‎) (place of the casuals) is an area in Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait, bordering Rumaithiya to the north and Messila to the south. To the east (across Cooperative Road), it overlooks the Persian Gulf. Divided into twelve blocks, it is a residential area with a population on 40,000 including Kuwaitis, Westerners, British, Egyptians, Asians (Sri Lankens, Nepalies, Philipinas, Indians and Bangladeshis) and a small minority of Arabs for instance Palestinians. Salwa is one of the only few places in Kuwait for having 2-3 story buildings which gives you a clear view of the City towers that is 15 Kilometers (10 miles) away. Every block will always have a group of shops including grocery stores,a few Starbucks, McDonald's, Doughnut Shops, phone repair shops, salons and much more. Nice thing which you usually can't find in the US is that most of the restaurants, pharmacy's, and even mobile shops deliver in 30–60 minutes to your door. Salwa also has parks, a beach, outdoor gym, Arabic library's and diwanias ديوانيه which is a tent or building in every street which some men meet at every night and enjoy Arab coffee. It is also home to Kuwait English School and The British School of Kuwait as well as various children's nurseries.

Embassies in Salwa[edit]

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Coordinates: 29°18′N 48°05′E / 29.300°N 48.083°E / 29.300; 48.083