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Salwick is a village between Kirkham and Preston in Lancashire, England. The village is largely rural and is an extension of the smaller Clifton to the south. It is in the borough of Fylde, and in the Parliamentary Constituency of Fylde, and forms part of the civil parish of Newton with Clifton. It is at grid reference SD466320, and is served by Salwick railway station.

The area of "Clifton With Salwick" was in the Archdeaconry of Richmond in the Diocese of Chester.

The etymology of Salwick is unclear. The "wick" may come from Old English wic, meaning an earlier Romano-British settlement specialised in farming; but the "Sal(w)" element is unclear.

Salwick is the home of the Springfields nuclear fuel manufacturing plant.

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Coordinates: 53°46′54″N 2°48′43″W / 53.78157°N 2.81188°W / 53.78157; -2.81188