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Sam is a forename or nickname, often used by people named "Samuel" or "Samantha".

Sam, SAm, SAM or "'SaM'" may refer to:



  • Sam (army dog) (died 2000), former army dog that was awarded the Dickin Medal
  • Sam (koala) (died 2009), koala rescued after the 2009 bush fires in Victoria, Australia
  • Sam (orangutan), an orangutan that starred in the movie Dunston Checks In
  • Sam (ugly dog) (1990–2005), dog voted the world's ugliest dog in 2003, 2004, and 2005
  • Unsinkable Sam (died 1955), cat who survived the sinkings of three military ships during World War Two
  • Sam (horse) (1815–?), British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire

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  • Sām, a Persian folk hero, whose name means "very dark"
  • Sam (Book of Mormon), the third son of Lehi and elder brother to the prophet Nephi
  • Michael Sam (born 1990), American football player
  • Eliza Sam or Cen Lixiang (born 1984), Chinese-Canadian actress


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