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Sam Abrams (born November 18, 1935-) is an American poet.[1]He was a Fulbright Professor of American Literature at the University of Athens and is a Professor Emeritus of Language and Literature in the College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology. He traveled extensively. He resides in Rochester NY.


Born in Brooklyn, Abrams is a graduate of James Madison High School (New York), Brooklyn College (B.A. 1958), and the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (MA 1950).


  • Barbara. Ferry Press (London, 1966), 1st Edition. 32 pp. Poems, limited edition of 350 copies.
  • The Neglected Walt Whitman. Sam Abrams, Editor. Sixty-five poems, fragments, and three prose pieces by Whitman.
  • The Old Pothead Poems.
  • The Post-American Cultural Congress.
  • Book of Days, with Paul Blackburn.


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