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Sam Bowman
Samuel Bowman
Alma materUniversity College Cork

Samuel Bowman (/ˈbmən/) is a neoliberal political theorist and economist.

Life and career[edit]

Bowman holds a BA in History and Economics at University College Cork and a MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies.[1] He joined the Adam Smith Institute in 2010 working as Research Manager and Policy Director before being promoted to Deputy Director in 2014 and Executive Director in 2015.[2][3][4] He retired from the position of Executive Director in December 2017,[5] remaining a Senior Fellow of the think tank.[6]


Whilst Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Bowman wrote an article reappropriating the term 'neoliberal'[7], a quotation from which formed the basis of one of the questions in the Politics paper of the 2017 All Souls' College Fellowship Examination:[8] 'A neoliberal is someone who believes that markets are astonishingly good at creating wealth, but not always good at distributing wealth.'

The Adam Smith Institute subsequently re-branded itself from 'libertarian' to 'neoliberal', with Bowman describing the think tank's policy as based on classical liberal ideas updated for the modern world.[9]


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