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Sam Brown III, usually known by his first and last name without the generational appellation, is an American songwriter, record producer, arranger and composer and self-described "music industry insider" working in Los Angeles. He is noted for involvement in nine No.1 records, six No. 1 singles, ten RIAA Gold Record achievements, often performing multiple roles such as songwriter and producer.

One of Brown's passions is the cause of empowering "people of color" to follow their dreams, since he witnessed and was part of the development of high-profile African American artists, such as Michael Jackson.

Brown plays drums. He is an accomplished strings and horn arranger/conductor and has played key roles in the development of musical artists, primarily in the rhythm & blues and (a term he coined)[citation needed] hip-hop genres. Brown built his career by learning the skills of other top music professionals. He was described by Michael Jackson as "the next Quincy Jones."[1]

Mostly known for his involvement in so-called "black" music (that is mainly created by African Americans), Sam Brown's public career in music spans more than two and a half decades, and features involvement in hit song and hit album productions, as well as writing, arranging and conducting for film and TV. There is a strong Chicago Symphony connection noted on Brown's personal pages on and his official website [2] He hosts and produces radio programs about the business of entertainment, specifically music for film, television and radio, etc. on Los Angeles-based radio station KPFK FM.

Advice programs and columns (Radio and Print)[edit]

  • "Samm Brown's For the Record" weekly 1-hour radio program on KPFK FM, North Hollywood, California.


  • "Learn the Craft of Songwriting" in the Tolucan Times, a Toluca Lake, California newspaper.


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