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Sam Holden (born August 8, 1971, Kensington, London) is the pseudonym of a British author and journalist. A former feature writer on The Times, Holden is the author of Diary of a Hapless Househusband, a comic novel concerning a father-of-two who loses his job and reluctantly agrees to stay at home while his wife returns to work. Described by Allison Pearson, the author of I Don't Know How She Does It, as 'a very very funny and often touching account of one man's struggle to run Planet Home', the book was published by Arrow Books in August 2007.


  • Diary of a Hapless Househusband (2007), ISBN 978-0-09-950936-3
  • Growing Pains of a Hapless Househusband (2008)

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