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Johnson at launch of 2016 social enterprise, WeVisit

Sam Johnson (born 14 February 1989) is a prominent social entrepreneur from Christchurch, New Zealand.[1] Johnson is known as the founder of the Student Volunteer Army[2] which mobilised 11,000 students to assist the cleanup following the Christchurch earthquakes and has continued as a nationwide volunteering movement[3]

Johnson is an international thought leader in developing models of community that build resilience through volunteering and local action. [4][5][6][7]

Education and career[edit]

Johnson is from rural Canterbury and was educated at Christ's College and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.[8] Johnson graduated from the University of Canterbury with a BA in Politics and Community Engagement in 2015.

Student Volunteer Army[edit]

Following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, Johnson founded the Student Volunteer Army to assist residents with the clean up of liquefaction caused by the earthquakes. [9][10] The Student Volunteer Army was managed by a core team of 15 people and a wider administration of 70 people who managed the three core operations which the SVA focused on; battalions, squadrons and street teams.[11] There were 13,000 students volunteering per week.[12]

StudentArmy IlamSchool in March 2011

Disaster response and preparedness[edit]

Johnson in a Tsunami stricken home in Japan

In late April and early May 2011, Johnson spent two weeks in Japan following the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami to set up a Student Volunteer Army at Waseda University.[13]

Johnson worked to assist mobilising young Nepalese volunteers following the Nepal earthquakes in 2015.[14]

Johnson and the Student Volunteer Army worked with other young people alongside the UNISDR in preparation for 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.[15]

Local leadership and politics[edit]

Johnson successfully stood for the Riccarton-Wigram Community Board of the Christchurch City Council in the October 2010 local body elections.[16] At the time, he was endorsed by Prime Minister John Key for his election campaign.[17]

Johnson declared in July 2011 that he had no intention to run for higher public office in the near future.[18] In January 2013, it was reported that he may consider running for Christchurch City Council in the October 2013 local body elections.[19] The Press reported on 20 April 2013 that Lianne Dalziel would challenge Bob Parker for the Christchurch mayoralty, and that she had asked Johnson to be her running mate, with a view of Johnson becoming deputy mayor. Johnson eventually decided against running, saying it wasn't the "right thing for me right now".[20]

Johnson is a founding Trustee of the Ministry of Awesome, a Christchurch-based idea incubator.[21]

Social enterprise and business[edit]

In 2016, Johnson launched a social enterprise focused on the alarming rates of social isolation in New Zealand [22] which then joined forces with technology platform Mycare to improve the New Zealand care and support sector.[23]

Awards and celebrities[edit]

Johnson has received a Special Leadership Award from the Sir Peter Blake Trust[24] and was named Young New Zealander of the Year[25] and Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) Communicator of the Year in 2012.[26]

Johnson and the Student Volunteer Army have hosted many international icons and celebrities who visit Christchurch including several members of the British Royal Family[27][28], the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet [29] and organisers of the Never Again MSD gun control campaign.


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