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Sam Oscar Lantinga
Other names Slouken
Employer Loki Software (1998–2001)
Blizzard Entertainment (2001–2011)
Galaxy Gameworks (2008–?)
38 Studios (?–2012)
Valve Software (2012–present)

Sam Oscar Lantinga was a lead software engineer at Blizzard Entertainment, where he was known to the community as Slouken. He is best known as the creator of the Simple DirectMedia Layer, a very popular open source multimedia programming library, and also developed the compatibility database for Executor, a proprietary Mac OS emulator.[1]

He previously was the lead programmer and a co-founder of the now-defunct Loki Software, which ported several game titles to Linux.[2] A Linux client of World of Warcraft was developed, and negotiations with Linux Game Publishing were under way until Blizzard cancelled the project.[3][4] It is unknown if Lantinga was involved with this port.

He also founded Galaxy Gameworks in 2008 to help commercially support the Simple DirectMedia Layer.[5] He left Blizzard Entertainment to "relax, spend time with family, and explore some ideas to expand the Galaxy Gameworks business."[6] Soon after he launched a new website for Gameworks including an extensive list of developer testimonials.[7] Lantinga went on to work for 38 Studios,[8] which shut down in May 2012. Lantinga is currently employed at Valve Software.[9]

Games credited[edit]

The following is a list of game products Lantinga either developed on or was involved in porting.[10]

Blizzard Entertainment[edit]

Loki Software[edit]

Ambrosia Software[edit]


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