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Semon (Sam) Alexandrovich Palatnik (Russian: Семён Александрович Палатник, Ukrainian: Семен Олександрович Палатнік, born March 26, 1950) is a Ukrainian-American chess Grandmaster, born in Odessa.[1]

He won four team and individual gold medals at the 20th World Student Team Chess Championship at Teesside 1974,[2] and 21st World Student Team Championship at Caracas 1976.[3]

Some of his tournament results include 2nd= at Kiev 1978, 3rd at Hradec Kralove 1981, 2nd= at Trnava 1987, 1st at Hradec Kralove 1988 and 1st= at Calicut 1988. He currently resides in Tennessee, USA and plays for the U.S. Chess Federation.[4]

Palatnik was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1977 and the GM title in 1978.[1]


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