Sam Rappaport (One Life to Live)

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Sam Rappaport
Kale Browne as Sam Rappaport.png
Kale Browne as Sam Rappaport
One Life to Live character
Portrayed by Kale Browne (1998–2001)
Laurence Lau (2001–03)
Duration 1998–2003
First appearance March 5, 1998 (March 5, 1998)
Last appearance April 9, 2003 (April 9, 2003)
Created by Claire Labine
Matthew Labine
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Classification Former, regular
Other names Sam Davidson
Occupation Lawyer
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania
Laurence Lau as Sam Rappaport.png
Laurence Lau as Sam Rappaport

Sam Rappaport is a fictional character from the long running ABC soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated by actor Kale Browne from March 5, 1998,[1] through April 11, 2001. The role was assumed on the episode first-run May 8, 2001, by former All My Children actor Laurence Lau, known for his prior role on the latter as Greg Nelson. Lau left the role on April 9, 2003.


Hotshot attorney Sam Rappaport (Browne) arrives in Llanview to defend his old friend, Todd Manning (Roger Howarth), on rape charges. He is surprised to run into his ex-flame, Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith), and he realized he never truly gave up on her. Sam then helps Todd during his divorce from his wife, Téa Delgado Manning (Florencia Lozano). He also helps Nora and Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods) by defending Bo when he was accused of murdering Georgie Philips (Jennifer Bransford). Sam soon enters into a turbulent relationship with Blair Cramer Manning (Kassie DePaiva). His ex-wife, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland), arrives in town and begs Sam to care for their son, Will. Sam agrees and Blair leaves town with Max Holden (James DePaiva). She soon returns around the time Will arrives and tries to get on Sam's good side. Sam also defends Todd on his kidnapping charges but is later shocked and angry to learn that he had been faking his multiple personalities the whole time and Blair had knowledge of Todd's farce.

After the death of Bo's son, Drew Buchanan, Bo enters into a depression, and Nora is desperate to give him a reason to live. She then lies about being pregnant with Bo's baby but believes Bo is sterile and turns to Sam. Lindsay knows the truth of Nora's plan and publicly announces the affair, causing the breakup of the first marriage between Bo and Nora. Nora continues to confide in Sam and the two grew close. During a snowstorm, Nora goes into labor, and Sam rushes her to the hospital. On the February 22, 1999, episode, she gives birth to a son, Matthew, who almost dies at birth. Sam and Nora continue to grow closer, and after her divorce with Bo is finalized, the Sam and Nora attempt to marry multiple times, each time with their plans thwarted. The both resign to living together unmarried.

Nora is soon presumed dead in a train crash, devastating Sam. He refuses to believe she was dead and continues to search for her. She, though, was being held hostage by Dr. Colin McIver (Ty Treadway) but is eventually rescued by Todd. Nora returns to Llanview and loses most of her memory, not remembering Matthew or her relationship with Sam. Sam gives her space, hoping she would remember. Soon, his daughter Jen Rappaport (Jessica Morris) arrives in Llanview and begins living with him. He later begins defending Blair, who is accused of shooting Max.

Tragedy soon strikes the Rappaports when Lindsay, brainwashed by Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born), who was aiming at Colin's deranged twin brother Troy MacIver (Treadway), shoots and kills Sam, devastating his family and Todd.


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