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Sam Simmons
Born (1977-03-19) 19 March 1977 (age 38)
Nationality Australian
Years active 2003–present

Sam Simmons is an Australian comedian and radio and TV presenter, based in Los Angeles.[1]

Between Simmons' stand-up comedy and acting as a regular host on Triple J as well as jtv interviewing bands, he developed his style of non-sequitur and surrealist humour. This led to his first television show, The Urban Monkey with Murray Foote, in 2009, with Janis McGavin.

In 2012, Simmons followed up with a sketch-style TV series Problems, with a tone more similar to that of his surrealist stand-up shows. Sam Simmons performed at TEDxSydney in 2014[2] and is now working on a new a US pilot filmed in Albuquerque. Simmons described it as "a reality show about animals".[3] Simmons regularly appears on the comedy quiz show Dirty Laundry Live.

Simmons has been described as "one of the most daring and unconventional comics in Australia if not the world".[4] He received the Moosehead Award in 2013, the Best Emerging Comedy Award in 2006 and the The Groggy Squirrel Critics’ Award in 2006, and the Directors' Choice Award in 2008.

Awards and nominations[edit]


  • 2003 Participation Award[5] for The Steve Promise Story
  • 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival Best Emerging Comedy Award for Tales from the Erotic Cat
  • 2006 The Groggy Squirrel Critics' Award[6] for Tales from the Erotic Cat
  • 2008 MICF Directors' Choice Award[7] for Where can I win a bear around here?
  • 2010 MICF Golden Gibbo Award for The Incident with David Quirk[7]
  • 2010 MICF Piece of Wood Award for Fail[7]
  • 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival Best Comedy Award for Sam Simmons and the Precise History of Things
  • 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival Director's Choice Award for Death of a Sails-Man[8]
  • 2015 MICF Barry Award for Spaghetti for Breakfast[7]


  • 2003 Triple J Raw Comedy Competition (finalist)
  • 2006 MICF Barry Award for Tales from the Erotic Cat
  • 2011 MICF Barry Award for Precise History of Things (Meanwhile -UK)
  • 2011 Edinburgh Best Comedy Award for Meanwhile
Preceded by
Claire Bartholomew, Scott Brennan and Barfoot & Cantone
Moosehead Award
Succeeded by
Damian Clark, Krisztian Bagin and Monica Dullard
Preceded by
(no Fringe awards this year)
Best Emerging Comedy Award
Adelaide Fringe Festival

Succeeded by
Hannah Gadsby
Preceded by
Tim Minchin
The Groggy Squirrel Critics' Award
Succeeded by
Justin Hamilton[9]
Preceded by
Justin Hamilton
Directors' Choice Award
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Succeeded by
The Bedroom Philosopher[7]
Preceded by
Lawrence Mooney
The Piece of Wood Award
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Succeeded by
Preceded by
The List Operators
The Golden Gibbo Award
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Steven Sheehan
Best Comedy Award
Adelaide Fringe Festival

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