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Sam Wells
Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields
Sam Well Preaching.jpg
Wells preaching at Duke Chapel
ChurchChurch of England
Ordination1991 (deacon)
1992 (priest)
Personal details
SpouseJo Bailey Wells
ProfessionPriest, theologian
Alma materMerton College, Oxford
New College, Edinburgh
Durham University

Samuel Martin Bailey Wells is an English priest of the Church of England. Since 2012, he has been the vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields in central London,[1] and Visiting Professor of Christian Ethics at King’s College London.[2] In 2018, he was installed as Honorary Canon Theologian of Guildford Cathedral.[3]

Early life and education[edit]

Wells studied at Merton College, Oxford, and graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree; as per tradition, his BA was promoted to a Master of Arts (MA Oxon) degree. In 1988, he entered Edinburgh Theological College to train for ordination. During his time at theological college, he also studied theology at New College, University of Edinburgh, and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree. He later undertook post-graduate study at Durham University and completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in 1996.[4]

Ordained ministry[edit]

Ordained in 1991, he served Church of England parish appointments for 14 years in Newcastle, Cambridge and Norwich. He spent ten years of his ministry in areas of social disadvantage.[5] For six years he was involved in establishing a community-led development trust, called the North Earlham, Larkman and Marlpit Development Trust. [6] Wells was also involved in the 'Body, Mind and Spirit' project at St Elizabeth's Earlham, offering children opportunities to participate in creative play. [7]

Dean of Duke Chapel[edit]

In 2005, Wells became dean of Duke Chapel and research professor of Christian ethics at Duke Divinity School. He developed and chaired the Faith Council, which consists of 12 members from different faith traditions. He initiated dialogue and led discussions on faith and ethics.[8]

While acting as the Dean at Duke Chapel, Wells coordinated the ministry and music of the chapel, preached and led worship.[9] He also oversaw the campus ministries and taught in the divinity school and the school of public policy. He worked with the local Durham community through organizations such as the Religious Coalitions for a Non-Violent Durham to foster a closer relationship with the university and the city.[10]

Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields[edit]

Since 2012, Wells has been the vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields in central London.[1] He was inducted by Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, on 2 July 2012. As vicar, in addition to his pastoral ministry, Wells is a trustee of The Connection at St Martin's, [11] and of the St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust.[12] From 2014, he has been a regular contributor to Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4.[13]


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In his review of How Then Shall We Live?, Walter Brueggemann wrote, ‘Sam Wells arguably has the liveliest, most agile, best informed, critically disciplined mind in the entire Christian community. And he has a baptized heart of honesty, compassion, and passion to match his baptized mind. In this book he ranges over a cluster of complex issues and at every turn his sound judgment instructs us as he moves easily from life to Scripture and back through church tradition. This book will serve many of us well who live with daily perplexities that admit no resolution.’ [14]

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