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Sam de Brito (born 2 February 1969) is a Sydney born author and writer for The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age who writes the blog All Men Are Liars.[1] De Brito's blog deals with men's issues and has been live since August 2006, allegedly registering more than 130,000 reader comments and more than 20 million page impressions. In December 2006 it was voted best Australian and New Zealand blog in The Weblog Awards.[2] In December 2007, the blog was runner up in the same competition.[3]

De Brito is also the author of three books: No Tattoos Before You're Thirty, an advice guide to the author's yet-to-be-born children, published through Penguin; Building a Better Bloke, a humorous self-improvement guide drawing from his experiences and feedback from his blog, published in August 2008 also through Penguin; and The Lost Boys, his first novel, which was published April 2008 through Picador.

Reviewer Nigel Krauth, writing in the newspaper The Australian said reading The Lost Boys "as a male reader, is like taking the heartfelt kiss of the world's most gorgeous girl right after she has spewed through her nose in a Bondi hotel toilet. It's ugly, but the underlying truth is what counts. On the other hand, if you are a female reader, it equates to the exhilaration of hearing your guy tell you the truth at last."[4] Previously de Brito has worked as a writer and script-editor for three television cop-dramas, Water Rats, White Collar Blue and Stingers.

He has also been a journalist for the Daily Telegraph and the US tabloid Star magazine while he was living in New York City.

He attended Waverley College.

He is also the brother of News Limited journalist Kate de Brito


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