Samajbadi Prajatantrik Janata Party, Nepal

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Samajbadi Prajatantrik Janata Party, Nepal
Election symbol

Samajbadi Prajatantrik Janata Party Nepal (Nepali: समाजवादी प्रजातान्त्रिक जनता पार्टी, नेपाल) is a political party in Nepal. The party was founded by former CPN(UML) MP Prem Bahadur Singh, after he was expelled from the party for supporting monarchy.[1]

The party has been registered with the Election Commission, with the moon as its election symbol.[2]

Ahead of the 2008 Constituent Assembly election, the party presented a closed proportional representation list with 175 candidates, headed by Prem Bahadur Singh.[3] The party presented 50 candidates for the First Past the Post seats.[4] The party won 1 seat through the Proportional Representation vote.[5] The party nominated Prem Bahadur Singh as its representative.[6]