Samantha Anderson

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Samantha Anderson
Sherri Alexander as Samantha Anderson
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by Brooke Alexander
Sherri Alexander
First appearance January 1994
Last appearance August 24, 1998
Created by Juliet Law Packer & Richard Backus
Occupation Former Con artist
Residence Whereabouts Unknown

Samantha Anderson (née Keller and Markham) is a resident of Oakdale on the American TV soap opera, As the World Turns.

Character history[edit]

Samantha Markham is the twin sister of Royce Keller but was given up for adoption. She became interested in, Eliot Markham (AKA: Art of the con). When she met Lucinda she realized they were sisters and Lucinda welcomed her. When staying at Lucinda's mansion she stole her prize Pissarro and replace it with a fake and was later arrested but released because lack of evidence. Later Samantha became friends with Kirk Anderson. They were playing to get married to get Lucinda's money and her business. Shortly after they were married Kirk disappeared in the ocean. Samantha become friends with her former fiancée, Scott Eldridge.

The police thought Samantha pushed Kirk overboard but later her returned to town and they were married. Kirk was doing business with a double crosser, Umberto Malzone. Kirk wanted to murder him and when Samantha found up he took her hostage. James Stenbeck shot him and he went to jail. Samantha told him she'd help get him out of jail if he helped her. When he was released he tried to get Worldwide from Lucinda. He ended up working for her. Eventually they disappeared on a pier.