Samaritan vocalization

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Two words in the Samaritan script with Samaritan vocalization
Examples of Samaritan vocalization for the words ויאמר and עבדים in the Samaritan script.

The Samaritan vocalization (or Samaritan pointing, Samaritan niqqud, Hebrew: ניקוד שומרוני) is a system of diacritics devised by the Samaritans to add to the consonantal text of the Samaritan Pentateuch and to Samaritan prayer books to indicate vowel quality, reflecting Samaritan Hebrew. It is estimated that the Samaritan vocalization was invented around the 10th century CE. Only the most important vowels were indicated, and variation exists within the system between different manuscripts.


niqqud with ࠌ Sam voc a.jpg Sam voc e.jpg Sam voc i.jpg Sam voc o.jpg Sam voc dagesh.jpg Sam voc ayinpatah1.jpg, Sam voc ayinpatah2.jpg, Sam voc ayinpatah3.jpg
value /a/, /ɒ/ /e/ /e/, /i/ /o/, /u/ (geminate consonant) /ʕa/