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Samarkand State University (SSU)
Samarqand Davlat Universiteti (SamDU)
Самаркандский государственный университет (СамГУ)
Samarqand university.jpg
PresidentR. I. Xalmuradov
LocationSamarkand, Uzbekistan
CampusRepublic of Uzbekistan, 703004, Samarkand, University Boulevard, 15.

Samarkand State University (SSU) (Uzbek: Samarqand Davlat Universiteti (SamDU); Russian: Самаркандский государственный университет) is a major university in Samarkand, Uzbekistan established by a government decree of the Government of Uzbekistan dated 22 January 1927 in the city of Samarkand. The university is commonly known as Samarkand University (in Uzbek Samarqand universiteti)


The university was originally organized in 1927 as the Uzbek Pedagogical Institute and in 1930, it was renamed the Uzbek State Pedagogical Academy and in 1933, upon merger of the Pedagogical Academy and the Uzbek State Medical Institute into the Uzbek State University. In 1941—2016, the University was named after poet and philosopher Ali-Shir Nava'i (alternative transliteration Alisher Navoi).

In 1961, the Uzbek State University was finally renamed the Samarkand State University, a name it keeps to date. The rector of the university since 2015 is Dr. Alimdjan Rakhimovich Khalmukhamedov.

Currently, the University comprises the following faculties: Philology; History and Philosophy; Teaching; Physics and Mathematics; Biology; Economy; Tajik Philology; Russian Philology; Law; Physical education.

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