Samaya Vudhirodom

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Samaya Vudhirodom
Prince of Siam
Born (1888-09-13)13 September 1888
Thailand Grand Palace
Bangkok, Thailand
Died 9 December 1889(1889-12-09) (aged 1)
Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
Full name
His Royal Highness
Prince Samaya Vudhirodom
House Chakri Dynasty
Father Chulalongkorn, Rama V of Siam
Mother Chao Chom Manda Phrom

His Royal Highness Prince Samaya Vudhirodom (Thai: พระเจ้าบรมวงศ์เธอ พระองค์เจ้าสมัยวุฒิโรดม; RTGSSamaiyawutthirodom; 13 September 1888 – 9 December 1889), was the Prince of Siam (later Thailand. He was a member of Siamese Royal Family. He is a son of Chulalongkorn, King Rama V of Siam.

Her mother was Chao Chom Manda Phrom (daughter of Phraya Phitsanuloka Thibodi), he had 3 siblings; 2 elder sisters, and 1 younger sister;

Prince Samaya Vudhirodom died in his babyhood, on 9 December 1889, at the age of only 1.


Ancestor of Prince Samaya Vudhirodom
Prince Samaya Vudhirodom Father:
Chulalongkorn, King Rama V of Siam
Paternal Grandfather:
Mongkut, King Rama IV of Siam
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Buddha Loetla Nabhalai, King Rama II of Siam
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Queen Sri Suriyendra
Paternal Grandmother:
Queen Debsirindra
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Prince Sirivongse, the Prince Matayabidaksa
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Mom Noi Sirivongs na Ayudhya
Chao Chom Manda Phrom
Maternal Grandfather:
Phraya Phitsanuloka Thibodi
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:
Maternal Great-grandfother:
Maternal Great-grandmother: