Samba Bathily

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Samba Bathily
President Conde0049+.jpg
Born (1971-10-23) 23 October 1971 (age 46)
Bamako, Mali
Occupation Co-Founder of Akon Lighting Africa
Chief Executive Officer of Solektra International

Samba Bathily is a Malian entrepreneur, philanthropist from Bamako. He is also chief executive officer of “Solektra International” and co-founder of Akon Lighting Africa.


In 2014, Samba co-founded Akon Lighting Africa. This was launched with international music star Akon and Thione Niang.[1] The objective of this initiative is to bring awareness around the use of solar solutions to provide villages throughout Africa with access to clean, renewable and reliable electricity. To date, results include a series of solar developments such as the installation of street lamps and domestic and community modern renewable energy solutions in 14 countries throughout Africa.[2]

Also launched in 2014 was Solektra International, a company that specializes in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of solar power systems. Samba is CEO and Co-founder with Akon and Thione Niang.[3] Solektra has a B2G (Business to Government) financing model that offers attractive and affordable repayment terms. Solektra International is the execution arm of Akon Lighting Africa with a goal to use local youths to implement projects while also fast tracking the social and economic development of Africa in cooperation with various international partners. Solektra International currently has a presence in 14 countries - Mali, Senegal, Niger, Benin, Sierra Leone, Burkina-Faso, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Nigeria, Madagascar, Namibia.

Samba is soon to launch the “Solektra Solar Academy” to provide a pipeline of trained youth where they will develop skills and expertise in the field of solar energy. To be launched late 2015, this professional training institute targets future African entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians and will provide training on aspects of planning, design, construction and the maintenance of solar-powered electric systems and micro-grids.[4]


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