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Background information
Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Genres Indie pop, dream pop
Years active 2003–-present
Labels Labrador Records
Sambassadeur on Labrador
Members Anna Persson
Daniel Permbo
Joachim Läckberg
Daniel Tolergård

Sambassadeur are a Swedish pop band formed in 2003 in Gothenburg. They are named after the Serge Gainsbourg song "Les Sambassadeurs."[1] The band are signed to the Labrador label, and to date, they have released three studio albums and a handful of EPs and singles. Their third album, European, was released in February 2010.[2]


Studio albums[edit]

Singles & EPs[edit]

  • "Ice & Snow"/"There You Go" single (2004)
  • Between the Lines (LAB069, 20 April 2005)
  • New Moon (LAB070, 4 May 2005)
  • Coastal Affairs (LAB087, 3 May 2006)
  • "Final Say"/"Crooked Spine" single (LAB112, 23 January 2008)
  • "Days" single (digital, 1 February 2010)
  • "I Can Try" single (digital, 14 July 2010)
  • "Memories"/"Hours Away" single (LAB144V, 23 November 2012)


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