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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul
 • Hanja
 • Revised RomanizationSamcheok-si
 • McCune-ReischauerSamch'ŏk-si
Flag of Samcheok
Official logo of Samcheok
Location in South Korea
Location in South Korea
Coordinates: 37°27′00″N 129°09′54″E / 37.450°N 129.165°E / 37.450; 129.165Coordinates: 37°27′00″N 129°09′54″E / 37.450°N 129.165°E / 37.450; 129.165
Country South Korea
Administrative divisions2 eup, 6 myeon, 4 dong
 • Total1,185.78 km2 (457.83 sq mi)
 (January, 2020)
 • Total67 575
 • Dialect

Samcheok (Korean pronunciation: [sa̠m.tsʰʌ̹k̚]) is a city in Gangwon-do, South Korea.


Ancient age & Three Kingdom[edit]

  • It was called "Siljikguk or Siljikgokguk"
  • 102 under the rule of Silla (Pasa 23rd)
  • 468 under the rule of Goguryeo (Jangsu 56th)
  • 505 The name changed to Sil-jick joo (Jijeung 6th)
  • 658 The name changed to Book-jin (Muyeol 5th)

Unified Silla[edit]

  • 757 The name changed to Samcheok-gun (Gyeongdeok 16th)

Goryeo Dynasty[edit]

  • 995 The name changed to Cheokjoo (Seongjong 14th)
  • 1018 The name changed to Samcheok-hyun (Hyeonjong 9th)

Joseon Dynasty[edit]

  • 1393 Samcheok-hyun was raised into Samcheok-bu (Taejo 2nd)
  • 1413 change of the name to Samcheok protectorate (Taejong 13th)
  • 1895 change of the name to Samcheok-gun (Gojong 32nd)

Japanese occupation[edit]

  • 1917 Bunae-myeon change of the name to Samcheok-myeon
  • 1938 Samcheok-myeon was raised into Samcheok-eup

Republic of Korea[edit]

  • 1973 Jangsung-eup Hwangji branch office was raised to Hwangji-eup (at that time, the most population of the county)
  • 1980. 04. 01. Bukpyeong-eup was Incorporated into Donghae-si
  • 1980. 12. 01. Wondeock-myeon was elevated to Wondeock-eup
  • 1981. 07. 01. The combination of Jangseong-eup and Hwangji-eup was raised into Taebaek-si
  • 1986. 01. 01. Samcheok-eup was raised into Samcheok-si
  • 1986. 03. 27. Wondeok-eup Ojeo branch office was raised into Kagok-myeon
  • 1989. 01. 01. Yonghwa-ri and jangho-ri were incorporated into Gundeok-myeon
  • 1994. 12. 26. 5 districts (Called ri) of Hajang-myeon were incorporated into Taebaek-si
  • 1995. 01. 01. The combination of Samcheok-si and Samcheok-gun was incorporated to Samcheok-si


Samcheok has one university, KNU Samcheok Campus, established March 1, 2006. (formerly Samcheok National University)

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Notable people[edit]

Tourist Attractions[edit]

  • Samcheok Railbike
  • Hwanseong and Daegeum Caves
  • Haesindang Park - Also known as the Penis Park. This park can be reached in 40 minutes by riding the 24, or 24-1 local bus.
  • Samcheok Rose Park
  • Samcheok, Jeungsan, Yonghwa, Maengbang and Jangho Beaches.


Samcheok Maengbang Canola Flower Festival

The Maengbang Flower Festival boasts a view of canola flowers, cherry blossoms and the blue sea of the East Coast.

The festival also offers a diverse set of events and programs including a local produce market, fresh strawberry picking, and exhibition on canola flowers and bees.[2]

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