Recognition of same-sex unions in Venezuela

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Legal status of same-sex unions
  1. When performed in Mexican states that have legalized same-sex marriage
  2. When performed in the Netherlands proper

* Not yet in effect

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Venezuela does not recognize same-sex unions nationwide.[1][2][3]

Recognition of same-sex unions in South America
  Other type of partnership
  Unrecognized or unknown
  Same-sex marriage banned
  Same-sex sexual activity illegal

Court challenges[edit]

The same-sex related Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Unión Afirmativa (Affirmative Union) submitted in 2003 an Appeal to the Supreme Court for legal recognition of economic rights (pensions, inheritance, social security, common household, etc.) for same-sex partners. The ruling, issued on February 28, 2008 indicated that "same sex partners enjoy all of the rights, civil, political and economic, social and cultural rights- have not such "special protection" which could be binding for the Venezuelan state, in the same terms than married couples have. The ruling indicated that the National Assembly "could" (but was not bound to) legislate in order to protect such rights for same-sex partners.[4]

In January 2015 a lawsuit for the right to marry was filed before the country's Supreme Court.[5]

Legislative action[edit]

On March 20, 2009, National Assembly member Romelia Matute announced that the Assembly would legalize same-sex unions and recognize them as asociaciones de convivencia (association by cohabitation).[6] However, later in the same month, Marelys Pérez—chairperson of the Family, Women and Youth Commission—announced that no such action would be taking place; adding that although the Commission would debate the same-sex partnership initiative, it would be excluded from the current bill and likely wait for its inclusion into a future Civil Code reform or a future updated anti-discrimination measure.[7]

The changes to the law were postponed multiple times until May 2013, during a debate on a Civil Code reform bill in which LGBT activists submitted a proposal seeking to legalize same-sex marriage. As of February 2015 it is yet to be debated.[8]

Public opinion[edit]

According to Pew Research Center survey, conducted between November 8, 2013 and February 12, 2014, 28% of Venezuelans supported same-sex marriage, 61% were opposed.[9][10]

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