Same Old Story: A Trip Back 20 Years

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Same Old Story: A Trip Back 20 Years
SOS B2Poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Kunio Yato
Stephen Hunter
Produced by Takao Fukuseko
Starring Cheep Hiroishi
Kazuko Tayama
Yoshikatsu Yamaguchi
Tomomi Osaki
Tamio Maruta
Richie Cannata
Oto Hiroishi
Narrated by Usagi Kitano
Music by Cheep Hiroishi
Cinematography Takeharu Motoki
Yoshikatsu Yamaguchi
Edited by Yohei Hosoya
Takahiro Fujii
Distributed by Discovery Firm
Release date
  • September 22, 2008 (2008-09-22) (NEIIFVF)
Running time
58 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Same Old Story: A Trip Back 20 Years is a 2008 Japanese documentary film about a Japanese musician, Cheep Hiroishi who takes a look back at his life over the last 20 years. Traveling back to the place he had been two decades ago, he realizes how much time changes so many things. During the film, Hiroishi travels throughout Japan and even to New York to interview people who had known him or of him and what kind of affect his music had on their lives.

Hiroishi travels back to New York to visit the Cove City Sound Studios (CCSS), the place he recorded with his band 20 years before. He meets, once again, Richie Cannata the owner of CCSS. Richie invites him to a live jam session at The Cutting Room in Manhattan where they both "cut it up" with their saxophones.

The film was directed by Kunio Yato, a Japanese graphic designer whose love for music and independent musicians, inspired him to make this documentary. The film had its international premiere in September at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival on September 22, 2008. It won the Best International Music Documentary at the festival.

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