Same as It Never Was (novel)

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Same as it Never Was, is a novel by novelist Claire Scovell LaZebnik which was published in 2003 and made into a TV movie in 2006 called Hello Sister, Goodbye Life. starring Lacey Chabert and Wendie Malick.


" An amazingly assured first novel full of dry wit, an observant eye, and a lot of heart. LaZebnik's heroine pushes all the emotional buttons-you hate her, you relate to her, you root for her, and, above all, you laugh at her hilarious one-liners. This is a romance with bite, and I enjoyed every morsel." -Jane Heller, author of Lucky Stars and The Secret Ingredient

"Claire LaZebnik has written an amazingly surefooted, witty, and delicious novel, romantic and smart. A pure pleasure" -Beth Gutcheon, author of More Than You Know

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