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Samfundet De Nio (The Nine Society) is a Swedish literary society founded on 14 February 1913 in Stockholm by a testamentary donation from writer Lotten von Kraemer.[1][2] The society has nine members who are elected for life. Its purpose is to promote Swedish literature, peace and women's issues.[3] It mainly presents a number of literary awards.[4] It was started as an alternative to the Swedish Academy and is often compared to its more noted cousin.[5][6]


Four seats are always held by women and four by men. Seat number one, the chair, alternates between men and women.[7]

Current members: Inge Jonsson (chair), Nina Burton, Anders R Öhman, Kerstin Ekman, Gunnar Harding, Agneta Pleijel, Niklas Rådström, Madeleine Gustafsson, Johan Svedjedal[7]

Original members: Viktor Almquist (chair), Selma Lagerlöf, Karl Wåhlin, Ellen Key, Erik Hedén, Kerstin Hård af Segerstad, Göran Björkman, Anna-Maria Roos, John Landquist[7]

Some notable members over the years have been Astrid Lindgren, Elin Wägner, Hjalmar Gullberg, Anders Olsson, Gunnel Vallquist, Karin Boye, Sara Lidman, and Knut Ahnlund.[7]


List of all winners

Winners of the Grand Prize[edit]



The annual publication Vår Tid (Our Time) was published 1916–1925 and 1930. Svensk Litteraturtidskrift (ISSN 0039-663X) was published from 1938 to 1983.[2][10][11] It contained essays, reviews and other texts about Swedish literature. Editors have included Olle Holmberg, Algot Werin and Knut Ahnlund.[12] Samfundet De Nio also published Artes (1975–2005) together with the Swedish Academy, Royal Swedish Academy of Music and the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts.[13] Since 2003 they publish a literary calendar together with Norstedts Förlag.[6][7]


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