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Sami Saeed al-Ahmad 1930-2006 (Arabic:سامي سعيد الاحمد) is a historian in ancient history of the Middle east. He was born in 1930 in Hilla City (previous known as Babylon and now it is called Babil), Iraq, where he had received primary and secondary education, and in 1953 received a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Baghdad, and a point well in his career, including the University of Chicago received a master's degree in 1957 and doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1962, he was appointed professor at the University of Denver in Colorado in America in 1963 -1967. He returned to Iraq in the late sixties and was appointed professor at Baghdad University, has more than thirty books printed in Arabic and English, including the south of Iraq in time of the UNESCO King Banipal (commonly known as Assure-bani-pal), Yazidis, and the history of the Persian Gulf in the oldest times, the island languages.

Invited by the University of Michigan he has been Professor of Ancient History since the late nineties.

Sami Alahmed got married in 1964 In denver Colorado from Ibtihaj Omer Taher (1945–2008) and has 2 sons ( Toney Ahmed and Marwan Ahmed) and 2 girls (Emiley Wynn and Dina Jabra) all of his kids live in the United States of America except Marwan who preferred to stay in the home country (Iraq). Sami Al Ahmed had a stroke and died several days later in March/6/2006

Works [1][edit]

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