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Samim (full name Samim Winiger) is a Swiss producer of dance music.


Winiger is of Iranian descent.[1] With Michal Ho he brought out several tracks under the name "Samim & Michal".[2] He has also worked with Jay Haze as Bearback and Fuckpony.[2] In 2004, Samim temporarily stopped his work after he developed cancer. However, shortly after he brought out several 12-inch singles. His breakthrough in Europe was in the summer of 2007, with the eccentric accordion-techno track Heater ("Get Physical") which became a summer hit and was included on the Ministry of Sound 2008 compilation The Rush. The single was released in the Netherlands on 27 September 2007 and reached number 6 in the Dutch top 40. It also reached number 12 in the UK Singles Chart.[3] In September 2007 his first solo-album Flow also appeared. A second album, Kook Kook, was released in 2009.



  • Flow (2007), Get Physical


  • Eternally Collapsing Object EP (2006), Moon Harbour
  • "Do You See the Light?" (2007), Circus Company
  • "Heater" (2007), Get Physical


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