Samina (river)

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This article is about the river. For other uses, see Samina (disambiguation).
Country Liechtenstein, Austria
Source Samina Valley
Mouth Ill (Austria) in Frastanz, Vorarlberg
Length 17 km (11 mi)

The Samina also: Saminabach is a rapid river that originates in Liechtenstein and formed the Samina Valley in the course of time. It has a length of approximately 17 km (Liechtenstein: 12 km, Austria: 5 km) and is the 2nd longest river of the principality. In the community area of Frastranz the river merges with the Ill.

The water is intensively used for electricity production as well as for drinking water supply for the communities of Liechtenstein. The Samina possesses A to B grade quality and sportsmen value the river for rafting.

Coordinates: 47°14′N 9°38′E / 47.233°N 9.633°E / 47.233; 9.633