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Samir (born July 29, 1955 in Baghdad) is a Swiss filmmaker, film producer and director.

Life and work[edit]

Samir was born the son of a Swiss mother and an Iraqi father in Baghdad. Samir's full name is Samir Jamal al Din / Samir Jamal Aldin. His family moved in 1961 to Switzerland, where he went to school. He attended the School of Design in Zurich (today's ZHdK), completed an apprenticeship as a typographer (1971–73) and subsequently trained as a cameraman with Condor Films. From 1983, he worked as a freelance director and cinematographer. From 1984 to 1991 he was a writer and member of Videoladen Zurich (Video Store Zurich). In 1994 he and documentary filmmaker Werner Schweizer overtook the Dschoint Ventschr film production company.

From the mid-1980s, he began to realize his own films. In the 1990s he worked among others on behalf of Condor Films[1] as a director of series like Eurocops[2] and television films for German TV stations. His list of works – as a writer, director and/or producer – now includes over 40 short and feature films for cinema and TV.[3][4]

In 2006 he received the Aargau Culture Award (Aargauer Kulturpreis).[5]

Samir Jamal al Din (or Samir Jamal Aldin), chose to appear under his first name only – quote:

...why? "Jamal al Din means 'beauty of religion'. I do not know how you would feel if you were not very religious, and would always have to say, 'Hello, my name is Beauty of Religion'," says [he] ..."For me Samir is perfect, as that means 'Storyteller'." [6]


as director (selection)

  • 2014 Iraqi Odyssey (documentary, also production, screenplay, cinematography, editing, cast)
  • 2010 Escher, der Engel und die Fibonacci-Zahlen / Escher, the angels and the Fibonacci numbers (documentary, also screenplay)
  • 2005 Snow White (feature film, also screenplay)
  • 2003 ZwischenSprach / InterimLanguage (documentary, also screenplay)
  • 2002 Forget Baghdad: Jews and Arabs – The Iraqi Connection (documentary, screenwriter, editor, cast)
  • 2001 Norman Plays Golf (also screenplay)
  • 1998 Projecziuns Tibetanas (documentary, screenwriting, cinematography, editing)
  • 1997 Angélique (Blind Date)
  • 1997 La eta knabino au keel oni trovas ian helpon (short film, also screenplay, production supervisor)
  • 1996 Tödliche Schwesternliebe / Deadly Sister Love
  • 1995 Die Drei – Hass; Jetzt oder nie; Todesoperation / The Three – Hatred; Now or Never; Death Surgery
  • 1994 Eurocops
  • 1994 La productrice
  • 1993 Babylon 2 (documentary)
  • 1992 (It was) Just a job (also writer, camera)
  • 1991 Immer & Ewig / Always & Forever (feature film, also production, screenplay, cinematography))
  • 1988 Filou (feature film, also writer)
  • 1986 Morlove – Eine Ode für Heisenberg / Morlove – An Ode for Heisenberg (feature film, also writer)
  • 1985 Schiefkörper-Video / Division Ring Video
  • 1984 Stummfilm / Silent Film (short film)

As co-/producer a.o.: documentary film "White Terror" by Daniel Schweizer (2005), mockumentary "Birdseye" by Stephen Beckner and Michael C. Huber (2002), feature films "Nachbeben / Aftershock" by Stina Werenfels (2006), "Das Fräulein" by Andrea Staka (2006), "Opération Libertad" by Nicolas Wadimoff (2012), "Dawn" by Romed Wyder.


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Iraqi Odyssey (2014)

Forget Baghdad (2002)