Samir Abdel Fattah

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Samir Abdel Fattah is a Yemeni short story writer, novelist and playwright.[1] He moved to Sanaa in 1982, where he studied economics and business at university. He is known for his short story collections, the first of which, Ranin al-matar, appeared in 2002. He has published two more collections since. He has written two novels: Riwayat al-Sayyid Mim (2007) and Ibn al-nasr (2008). He has also written plays for the theatre.

Abdel Fattah is a versatile writer, with a particular interest in European literature, especially that of Russia. He often deals with existential themes and his work is regarded as part of the avant-garde in modern Yemeni literature. In 2009, he teamed up with fellow writers Nadia al-Kokabany, Wajdi al-Ahdal and Ali al-Moqri to form a literary group called Meeting Yesterday.[2] His work has been translated into Italian and was included in an anthology of contemporary Yemeni writers called Perle Dello Yemen (2009).