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Christian Engstrom and Samir Allioui
Left to right: Christian Engström and Samir Allioui

Samir Allioui aka "Coretx" (born 1983) is a Dutch politician, co-founder and former president[1] of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands (Piratenpartij Nederland),[2] which was formally registered on the 10th of March 2010, but active since late 2006.[3] Besides Jerry Weyer from Luxembourg he has been co-president of Pirate Parties International (PPI), the umbrella organization of the international Pirate Party movement[4] Together with Patrick Mächler from Switzerland he followed Andrew Norton as coordinator of the PPI in July 2009.[5] Mächler stepped down as PPI interim Co-President on Allioui's side in favour of Jerry Weyer who was elected on 1 March 2010.[6] Gregory Engels followed Allioui as Co-President on 18 April 2010. Samir got re-elected co president during the 2011 Pirate Parties International conference in Friedrichshafen Germany[7] and was elected into the member council of PPNL on May 22, 2011.

Involvement in Hacktivism & Pirate politics[edit]

Samir Allioui has a long history of engagement in information policy ranging from hactivism in the early 21st century leading up to his current involvement in the parliamentary aspects of policy making. He was the first to introduce the dead weight loss argument into the "pirate" debate on intellectual property issue such as patent law and copyright law. During the Shareconference in Belgrade, Serbia,[8] he presented detailed set of arguments pointing out several ontological mistakes considering intellectual property concept, and their social and economical implications such as deadweight loss and rent seeking. During his visit [9] to Serbian pirates [10] he gave an interview for a major Serbian political magazine NIN (magazine).[11]