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Samir Khader is the Executive Editor for Sky News Arabia, after having been the Program Editor of Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera. He comes from Jordan. He has degrees in journalism and mathematics from universities in Grenoble and Paris. Khader began his career as a TV journalist in 1979 on French television.[1] He worked for many years in Jordan as a journalist in television news before joining Al Jazeera. He is well known for being featured in the documentary film Control Room, when he was a senior producer.


"Between us, if I am offered a job with FOX, I would take it - to change the arab nightmare to the american dream....I still have that dream. Maybe I will never be able to do it, but I have plans for my children - When they finish their high school, I will send them to America to study there. I will pay for their study, and they will stay there."

-Control Room, interview with Samir Khader


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