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Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki
Sammallahdenmäki 1.jpg
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location Finland Edit this on Wikidata
Criteria iii, iv[1]
Reference 579
Coordinates 61°07′10″N 21°46′30″E / 61.1194°N 21.775°E / 61.1194; 21.775
Inscription 1999 (23rd Session)
Sammallahdenmäki is located in Finland
Location of Sammallahdenmäki

Sammallahdenmäki is a Bronze age burial site in Finland in Rauma. It was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999, and includes 36 granite burial cairns dating back more than 3,000 years, to 1,500 to 500 BC. It is located on a hill in a remote area off the road between Tampere and Rauma. Originally, it was near the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, but the land has risen so it is now 15 kilometers from the sea. It is one of the most important Bronze Age sites in Fennoscandia.

Four of the cairns were excavated by archaeologist Volter Högman in 1891, including Kirkonlaattia ("Church Floor"), an unusual rectangular cairn covering 16 x 19 metres with a flat top, and Huilun pitkä raunio ("long ruin of Huilu"), which is surrounded by an ancient stone wall.


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Coordinates: 61°07′10″N 21°46′30″E / 61.11944°N 21.77500°E / 61.11944; 21.77500

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