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Worldwide, hundreds of mango cultivars exist. In mango orchards, multiple cultivars are often grown together to improve cross-pollination.

Mangos of the Kensington Pride cultivar

Table of mangoes[edit]

Reportedly, in India alone, there are around 283 types of mangoes, out of which only 30 are well-known.[1][2] The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) facility on Old Cutler Road in Coral Gables, Florida, has about 400 varieties of mangoes and is one of the largest depositories of mango plant cultures in the world. The USDA collection was originally believed to have over 500 varieties of mango germplasm, but genetic testing showed several duplicates. In the United States, South Florida is one of the meccas for mangoes due to year-round temperate climate and culture fascinated by mangoes and several nurseries dedicated to bringing new varieties of mangoes into the US by either import or selective breeding. Reviews of older varieties of mangoes were based upon the competition available at the time. Most of the varieties of mangoes available in grocery stores in the United States can trace their lineage to the Haden mango tree, a tree planted by Jack Haden in 1902 in Coral Gables, Florida (Haden itself can be traced back to Malgova which is mis-spelled Malgoba in US and has its origin in Tamil Nadu, India). The Zills family has created a number of new varieties of mango, most recently, Gary Zill with Zill's High Performance a selective breeding program of new varieties. The following are among the more widely grown mango cultivars, listed by the country in which they were selected or are most extensively cultivated:

Image Origin/
Alampur Baneshan Mango AlampurBaneshan Asit fs.jpg India, United States
Alice Mango Alice Asit fs.jpg United States
Almaas Pakistan
Alphonso Alphonso mango.jpg India, Pakistan, Ecuador, Egypt, Sudan, United States, Nepal "King of mangoes", very sweet with fibreless pulp, rich in vitamin A and C, founded mainly in Devgad & Ratnagiri Districts of Maharashtra, India. This cultivar is available in February till end of May. The dates of availability of mangoes vary by geography, climate, and weather. The "King of Mangoes" is a marketing term.
Amrapali India
Anderson Mango Anderson Asit fs8.jpg United States Anderson is a seedling of Sandersha that was planted at the residence of Mrs. L.F. Anderson in Miami, Florida. Anderson is a large mango, growing in length from 26–34 cm. [Mangoes: A Guide To Mangoes In Florida, p. 30] The eating quality was listed as "fair."
Angie Angie mango.jpg Florida, United States Angie mango is a dwarfing mango tree from Florida with excellent eating quality. Angie has a resinous taste, similar to the Carrie mango. Angie is considered to be a disease-resistant mango, but in high humidity environments, Angie's new leaf growth is susceptible to mango scab.
Anwar Ratol Multan, Punjab (Pakistan) Small in size and flesh without fibre . Peak season is mid-July to August.
Ataulfo Ataulfo mango.jpg Ecuador, Mexico
Badami Karnataka, India Badami mangoes are also called as Alphonso of Karnataka state.
Bailey's Marvel Mango BaileysMarvel Asit fs8.jpg United States
Banganapalli Banganapalli 12x9.jpg India The largest volume mango cultivar in the world, this medium-large fruit ripens to a golden-yellow exterior and a straw-yellow to golden-yellow interior. Very juicy, slightly tangy with little or no fibre and a creamy texture. It originates from the erstwhile princely state of Banganapalle, in present-day Andhra Pradesh, India.
India It is also known as Kilimooku mangoes
Bennet Alphonso Mango BennetAlphonso Asit fs.jpg United States
Beverly Beverly mango.JPG United States Beverly is an almost fiber-less late season mango. In South Florida, fruiting as late as August or October.
Black and Rose Mango Black and Rose fruits leaves.JPG India Kerala Black and Rose
Bombay Mango Bombay Asit ftg.jpg India, Nepal, United States Bombay is a vigorous mango tree that bears fruit in June–July in South Florida. It is susceptible to anthracnose. Bombay is the parent of the White Perie mango of Hawaii.
Brahm Kai Meu Mango BrahmKaiMeu Asit fs.jpg United States
Brooks Mango Brooks Asit fs8.jpg Australia, United States
Carabao (Philippine Mango) Mango Carabao Asit ftg.jpg Philippines The Ataulfo (mango) and Manilita mango cultivars originated from the Philippine Mango variety. It can be traced back in the Manila-Mexico galleon trade in the years 1600-1800's.[4]
Carrie Mango Carrie Asit fs8.jpg United States Carrie is a seedling of a Sophie Fry from the residence of Mr. Lawrence H. Zill of Boynton Beach, Florida. It was named in honor of Mr. Zill's mother, Carrie. The Carrie mango turns slight yellow when ripe, but what it lacks in color, it makes up in taste. The Carrie mango has a strong resinous flavor that is desired by some, and despised by others. A Carrie mango must be allowed to ripen on the tree and develops a strong "musky" flavor when over-ripe.
Chaunsa Chaunsa.JPG India, Sindh, Pakistan
Chinnarasamu Nuzvid in Andhra Pradesh of India
Cherukurasamu Nuzvid in Andhra Pradesh of India
Coconut Cream [] United States Coconut Cream is part of the selective breeding program by Zills High Performance and is patented. The fruit tastes like coconut cream pie. The tree is ugly in appearance because the branches grow in arcs and curve around, making a complex tree canopy.
Chok anan Unripe chok anan mangoes2.jpg Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Thailand Choc anan is known as the every bearing mango tree because of its potential to have a mango crop during the summer and winter. Some speculate that removing the summer crop may increase the chances of a winter crop by allowing the tree to save the energy that would have been used for fruit production in the summer.
Cogshall Mango02 CS HD CS Asit.jpg United States Cogshall is from Pine Island, Florida. It is an excellent eating quality, but is not commercially available because of a very short shelf-life and thin skin that would bruise easily.
Cushman Mango Cushman Asit fs8.jpg United States
Dasheri Dosehri.JPG India, Nepal, Pakistan, stories about its origin but the owners say it is a "chance" seedling.
Dot Mango Dot Asit fs8.jpg United States Dot is an exceptional tasting mango. Dot is a seedling of the Carrie Mango planted at Lawrence Zill's Boynton Beach, Florida home. The dot mango is highly susceptible to anthracnose, so it should not be planted in high humidity locations.
Dudhiya Malda India, Nepal Grown in Digha, Patna, Bihar. Known for awesome taste and flavour with thin skin[5][6][7][8]
Duncan Mango Duncan Asit fs8.jpg United States Duncan mango was patented by David Sturrock of West Palm Beach, Florida. The patent has long since expired. Duncan fruits in clusters and has excellent disease resistance. It is a mid-late season mango.
Earlygold Earlygold mango.JPG United States
Edward Mango Edward Asit fs8.jpg United States Edward is an excellent eating quality mango, but is considered to be a shy bearer (little fruit).
Eldon Mango Eldon Asit fs8.jpg United States
Emerald United States
Fazli (mango) Bangladesh, India
Fajri Kalan Pakistan
Fairchild Fairchild Mango.jpg United States
Fascell Mango Fascell2 Asit fs.jpg United States
Florigon Mango Florigon Asit fs8.jpg United States Florigon is a settling of a Saigon planted on the property of Mr. John C. Kaiser, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Florigon tree is vigorous. Florigon is considered to be one of the most disease resistant varieties of mangoes in high humid climates, although the flavor is not on par with many of the newer varieties.
Ford Mango Ford Asit fs8.jpg United States
Gary Gary mango.JPG United States The Gary mango is considered delicious by many with a hint of coconut flavor. Gary is considered very susceptible to anthracnose.
Gir Kesar Gujarat (India)
Glenn Mango Glenn Asit fs8.jpg Italy, United States Glenn is a sweet, mild mango. The tree is vigorous, to a medium size. The canopy is rounded. The ripe fruit has a very pleasant sweet smell.
Gold Nugget Mango ATAULFO GOLD NUGGET Asit.jpg United States
Golden Lippens United States
Graham Mango Graham Asit fs8.jpg United States Graham is from Trinidad. Compared with many modern mangoes, Graham seems bland.
Green Willard Sri Lanka
Haden Haden mango.jpg Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States Haden is the "parent" of many, many other varieties of mangoes in the United States. Haden was a Mulgoba seedling. The original Haden tree still stands in Coral Gables, Florida.
Hatcher United States
Heidi South Africa
Himayat / Imam Pasand Mango ImamPasand Asit ftg.jpg India
Himsagar Mango Himsagar Asit ftg.jpg Bangladesh, India, Nepal
Ice Cream United States
Irwin Mango Irwin Asit fs8.jpg Australia, Costa Rica, United States, Taiwan, Japan (Okinawa) In Japan this variety is marketed as Apple Mango, and in the case of imports from Japan one needs to take care not to confuse it with the Apple Mango grown in the Philippines.
Mango IVORY Asit fs.JPG China Also known as the Jingu Ivory mango, or Ivory mango, this long, thin mango is named for its resemblance to a young elephant's tusk. It has thin skin, smooth skin. The flesh contains very few fibres, and constitutes approximately 82 percent of the fruit. It was first introduced into Yunnan, China from Thailand in 1914. The actual tree that was the first to be imported still grows, and during one year produced almost 500 kg of fruit.[9]
Jakarta Mango Jakarta Asit ftg.jpg United States
Jean Ellen Jean Ellen mango.JPG United States
Julie Ecuador, United States A colourful, potato shaped mango with a sweet-tart flavour and a tall growth habit. Very popular in the Caribbean Sea, including Jamaica the British Virgin Islands, the United States Virgin Islands, and Barbados. Julie is a high fiber mango.
Kalepad Andhra Pradesh, India
Keitt Mango ATAULFO KEITT Asit.jpg Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy, South Africa, United States Keitt (pronounced "kit") is one of the latest season mangoes in South Florida (United States), with fruit into October. Backyard Keitt's in South Florida regularly get to 2 pounds, and occasionally as large as 5 pounds.
Kensington Pride Mango Kensington Asit ftg.jpg Australia, Italy, United States
Kent Mango Kent Asit fs8.jpg Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, United States The original Kent tree still stands in Coral Gables, Florida (United States)
Kohu Amba Sri Lanka
Kothapalli Kobbari Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh of India Also known as Kobbari Mamidi.
Lakshmanbhog India
Lancetilla Mango Lancetilla Asit fs8.jpg Honduras, United States Lancetilla can bear 5 pound fruit, but the eating quality is considered sub-part among mango connoisseurs. The fruit is prone to splitting on the tree.
Langra Vikramshila Agrovet 2 Langra Mango farm, Mathurapur, Bhagalpur Bihar.JPG India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Lippens Mango Lippens Asit fs8.jpg United States
Madame Francis Haiti Large kidney shaped mango that ripens to a golden yellow colour with piquant flesh Commonly exported to the United States in spring; often a feature of NYC fruit stands. Madame Francis is a high fiber mango.
Mahachanok Asia, United States Mahachanok is an oblong commercial mango from Asia, with yellow to orange color exterior when ripe. Described as a fiberless, sweet, and pleasant mango. The leaves of the tree are dark green and slimmer than many other mango trees.
Mallika Mango Mallika Asit fs.jpg India, Nepal, United States
Malwana (mango) Sri Lanka
Manilita United States
Manohar Punjab, India Large mango grows in clusters, seedling of Chaunsa. Exceptional complex flavor good sweetness. Very vigorous.
Momi K[10] Hawaii, United States Teardrop shaped with a narrow point. Ripens to a reddish orange blush. Flesh has creamy consistency.
Muhammad Wala Pakistan
Mulgoba Mango Mulgoba Asit fs8.jpg India, United States Small mango with a comparatively big seed. Parent of the Haden mango.
Nam Doc Mai D85 3037 Mango Nam Doc Mai Photographed by Trisorn Triboon.jpgD85 3045 Nam Doc Mai Edited by One World Thailand.jpg Thailand, Fruit is elongated, with a prominent beak, and is normally yellow with green spots.
Neelam India, Pakistan Fruit weigh 9 to 12 oz, with the general shape of a fat cashew nut. They are smooth-skinned and bright yellow upon ripening and have no blush. The flesh is deep yellow or orange. There is no fiber and a rich, aromatic flavor that is over-powering to the unaccustomed palate. They have a late ripening season and can be stored for an extended time. Fruit should be harvested when mature green and ripened at room temperature off the tree.
Osteen Mango Osteen Asit ftg.jpg Italy, Spain, United States
Palmer Mango Palmer Asit fs8.jpg Australia, Brazil, United States
Panakalu Andhra Pradesh of India
Panchadharakalasa Andhra Pradesh of India
Parvin Parvin mango.JPG United States
Pina Colada [] United States Pina Colada is part of the selective breeding program by Zills High Performance. Pina Colada is a small fruit that packs a lot of flavor. The tree is unproductive and susceptible to anthracnose.
Peddarasamu Nuzvid in Andhra Pradesh of India
Raspuri Raspuri Mangoes.jpg Karnataka, India An extremely popular variety in South India, a fully ripe Raspuri mango harvested at the right time and ripened naturally can beat them all, including the Alphonso, in taste as well as amount of juice per mango. Many people, especially Kannadigas, do not even ask for any another variety except Raspuri in Bengaluru.
Red Willard Sri Lanka
Rosigold Rosigold mango.JPG United States Rosigold is considered one of the earliest season mangos in South Florida. The quality is considered average,[according to whom?] but at a time of year when there are no fresh mangoes, it is in its own class. Rosigold is susceptible to anthracnose.
Ruby Mango Ruby Asit fs8.jpg United States
Saigon Mango Saigon Asit ftg.jpg United States
San Felipe Cuba Fruit is large at 20 ounces with a striking oxblood color; the flesh is yellow.
Saharni Pakistan
Sammar Bahisht Pakistan, India (in Urdu Sammar means fruit and Bahisht means Paradise)
Sensation Mango Sensation Asit fs.jpg South Africa, United States
Shan-e-Khuda Shan-e-khuda.jpeg Pakistan
Sindhri Sindhri Mango.JPG Mirpur Khas district, Sindh province of Pakistan Sindhi mango cultivated in Sindhri town Mirpur Khas district, Sindh province of Pakistan
Sophie Fry Mango SophieFry Asit fs8.jpg United States
Southern Blush United States
Spirit of '76 United States Spirit of 76 is a seedling from Lawrence Zill's residence. The mango is fiberless and has a very pleasant sweet flavor.
Springfels Mango Springfels Asit fs8.jpg United States One of the older cultivars from Florida, but still good tasting. It is a large mango, but Due to its size, it has uneven ripening. The uneven ripening is known as "jelly seed," where the flesh around the seed is overripe and soft.
Sunset Sunset mango fruit.jpg United States
Swarnarekha Andhra Pradesh of India
Tommy Atkins Mango TommyAtkins05 Asit.jpg Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, United States, Venezuela One of the most commonly sold mangoes in the world. has extremely long shelf life. Hard and oblong exterior. It is a pretty mango, but not as good tasting as many other top tier modern mangoes.[according to whom?]
Torbert United States
Totapuri Mango Sandersha Asit fs8.jpg India
Turpentine United States Turpentine is a small, high fiber mango that is poly embryonic mango. Turpentine is used as a rootstock in Florida for grafting other mango varieties.
Valencia Pride Mango VALENCIA PRIDE ATAULFO VALENCIA PRIDE Asit.jpg South Africa, United States Large, oblong mango. Sweet, mild flavor, but the fruit is prone to splitting on the tree. The tree is a vigorous grower.
Van Dyke Mango VanDyke Asit fs8.jpg Italy, United States
Vellai Kolomban Sri Lanka
Young United States Young mango was renamed the "Tebow" (after the American football player) for marketing purposes.
Zill Mango Zill Asit fs8.jpg South Africa, United States Zill is a seedling of Haden planted in 1922 by Carl King of Lake Worth, Florida (US). Vigorous tree, fruit is good eating quality.

List of cultivars by nation[edit]


              : แก้ว 007 Kaeo 007, กระแตลืมรัง Kratae Luemrang, กระสวย Krasuay, กล้วย Kluay, กะล่อนทอง Kalonthong, การะเกด Karaket, กาละแม Kalamae, กำปั่น Kampan, แก้มแดง Kaemdaeng, แก้วขาว Kaeo Khao, แก้วเขียว Kaeo Khieo, แก้วทวาย Kaeo Tawai, แก้วลืมคอน Kaeo Luemkon, แก้วลืมรัง Kaeo Luemrang, แก้วสามปี Kaeo Sampi, แก้วหอม Kaeo Hom.
              : ขอช้าง Khochang, ขายตึก Khaituek, ขี้ใต้ Khitai, ขี้ทุบ Khithup, ขุนทิพย์ Khunthip, เขียวไข่กา Khiaokhaika, เขียวภูเก็ต Khiaopuket, เขียวเสวย Khiaosawoey, เขียวเสวยรจนา Khiaosawoey Rotchana, ไขตึก Khaituek.
              : คล้ายเขียวเสวย Khlay khiaosawoey, คอนกแก้ว Khonokkaeo, ค้างคาวลืมรัง Khangkao Luemrang, คำ Kham, คุ Ku.
              : งาขาวหรืองาหม่นยาว Nga Khaomonyao, งาเขียว Nga Khiao, งาช้าง Nga Chang, งาดาบ Nga Dap, งาแดง Nga Daeng, งาท้องเรือ Nga Thongruae, งาหม่น Nga Mon, เงาะ Ngo.
              : จันทร์เจ้าขา Chanchaokha, จำปา Champa, เจ้าคุณทิพย์ Chaokhunthip, เจ้าพระยา Chaopraya, เจ้าเสวย Chaosawoey.
              : ช้างตกตึก Changtoktuek, โชคโสภณ Chok Sopon, โชคอนันต์ Chok anan, โชคอนันต์ก้านชมพู Chok Anankanchompu.
              : ตลับนาค talapnak, ตะเพียนทอง Tapianthong, ตับเป็ด Tuppet, ตาเตะหลาน Ta Te-Lan, แตงกวา Thaeng Kwao.
              : ทวายเดือนเก้า Thawai Dueankao, ทองขาว Thongkhao, ทองขาวกลม Thongkhaoklom, ทองขาวยาว Thongkhaoyao, ทองเจ้าพัฒน์ Thongchaopat, ทองดำ Thongdam, ทองดำกลายพันธุ์ Thongdam Klaipan, ทองดำมีร่อง Thongdam Mirong, ทองแดง Thongdaeng, ทองทวาย Thongthawai, ทองประกายแสด Thongprakaisat, ทองปลายแขน Thongplaikhean, ทองไม่รู้วาย Thongmairuwai, ทุเรียน Thurian, ทูลถวาย Thunthawai, เทพนิมิตร Thepnimit, เทพรส Thepparot.
              : นวลจันทร์ Nuanchan, นวลแตง Nuanthaeng, นาทับ Nathap, น้ำดอกไม้ Nam Doc Mai, น้ำดอกไม้ทวาย Namdokmai Thawai, น้ำดอกไม้เบอร์ 4 Namdokmai No.4, น้ำดอกไม้เบอร์ 5 Namdokmai No.5, น้ำดอกไม้พระประแดง Namdokmai Phrapradaeng, น้ำดอกไม้สีทอง Namdokmai Sithong, น้ำดอกไม้สุพรรณ Namdokmai Suphan, น้ำตาลจีน Namtan Chin, น้ำตาลเตา Namtan Tao, น้ำตาลปากกระบอก Namtan Pakkrabok, น้ำตาลทรายหนัก Namtansainak, น้ำผึ้ง Nampueng.
              : บานเย็น Banyen, บุญบันดาล Bunbandan, เบา Bao.
              : ผ้าขี้ริ้วห่อทอง Pakhirio Hothong.
              : พญาลืมเฝ้า Payaluemfao, พญาเสวย Payasawoey, พรวนขอ Phruankho, พราหมณ์ก้นขอ Phram Konkho, พราหมณ์เนื้อแดง Phram Nueadaeng, พราหมณ์เนื้อเหลือง Phram Nuealueang, พัดน้ำผึ้ง Phatnampueng, พิมเสนกลายพันธุ์ Phimsen Klaipan, พิมเสนแดง Phimsen Daeng, พิมเสนเปรี้ยว Phimsen Preow, พิมเสนมัน Phimsen Man, เพชรบ้านลาด Phetbanlat.
              : ฟ้าลั่น Falan, ฟ้าแอปเปิล Fa-apple, แฟบ Faep.
              : มนโฑ Monto, มะปราง Maprang, มะลิลา Malila, มันบางขุนศรี Manbangkhunsi, มันค่อม Mankom, มันทวาย Manthawai, มันทวายนักรบ Manthawai Nakrop, มันทองเอก Manthong Aek, มันทะลุฟ้า Manthalufa, มันบ้านลาด Manbanlat, มหาชนก Mahacharnok, มันพิเศษ Manpiset, มันสะเด็ด Mansadet, มันสายฟ้า Mansaifa, มันหมู Manmu, มันหยด Manyot, มันหวาน Manwan, มันแห้ว Manhaeo, มันอยุธยา Man Ayuthaya, เมล็ดนิ่ม Maletnim, แม่ลูกดก Maelukdok, แมวเซา Maeosao.
              : ยายกล่ำ Yaiglam.
              : รจนา Rotchana, ระเด่นขาว Radenkhao, ระเด่นเขียว Radenkhiao, แรด Raet.
              : ล่า La, ลิ้นงูเห่า Lin Nguhao, ลูกกลม Lukklom, ลูกแดง Lukdaeng, ลูกโยนพระอินทร์ Lukyon Phra-in, เล็บมือนาง Lepmuenang.
              : ศาลายา Salaya.
              : สังขยา Sangkhaya, สามปี Sampi, สามฤดู Samruedu, สายทิพย์ Saithip, สายน้ำค้าง Sainamkang, สายฝน Saifon, สาวน้อยกระทืบหอ Saonoi Kratuepho, สำปั่น Sampan, สีส้ม Sisom, แสงทอง Saengthong.
              : หงษ์ทอง Hongthong, หงษ์สา Hongsa, หงสาวดี Hongsawadi, หนองแซง Nongsaeng, หนังกลางวัน Nangklangwan, หมอนทอง Monthong, หวานน้ำผึ้ง Wannampueng, หอยแครง Hoikrang, หอระฆัง Horakang, หินทอง Hinthong, แห้ว Haeo, แห้วหลวงอิงค์ Haeo Luanging.
              : อกร่อง Okrong, อกร่องกะทิ Okrong Kati, อกร่องขาว Okrong Khao, อกร่องเขียว Okrong Khiao, อกร่องทอง Okrong Thong, อกร่องทองดำกลายพันธุ์ Okrong Thongdamklaiphan, อกร่องไทรโยก Okrong Saiyok, อกร่องพิกุลทอง Okrong Phikunthong, อกร่องภรณ์ทิพย์ Okrong Phonthip, อกร่องมัน Okrong Man, อกร่องหอมทอง Okrong Homthong, อ่อนมัน Onman, อินทรชิต Inthorachit, ไอ้ฮวบ Ai- Huap



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